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Our Founder Janelle R. Acevedo

Our Story

Hello! My name is Janelle, and I am the founder and CEO of Tots Luv Childcare Agency located in Tampa. I grew up in Tampa, Florida, where I was part of a large family with many children. As a mother of three and a college student, I worked as a nanny and gained valuable insights into the needs of families when it came to childcare. Drawing on my industry knowledge and personal experiences, I founded Tots Luv Childcare, an agency that helps parents find knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy caregivers. With almost a decade of experience in this field, I understand the challenges of balancing a career, education, raising children, and spending quality time with loved ones. Our mission is to streamline the search for reliable childcare services, making it easier for families and caregivers.


​At Tots Luv, we pride ourselves on cultivating strong relationships with our families. Our unwavering focus on effective communication, kindness, respect, and commitment enables us to deliver outstanding services to our families while valuing our nannies' contributions. We are committed to empowering families and caregivers through access to valuable services. We firmly believe that "it takes a village to raise a child," and we feel privileged to be a part of your family's journey.

Janelle R. Acevedo

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